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Yifat Alkobi

This woman, filmed in Hebron abusing members of the Abu Aysha family, is almost as infamous as Jade Goody. But that’s not the worst comparison Alkobi suffers.

Yosef (Tommy) Lapid was reminded of pre-holocaust anti-semitism in Europe.

That woman, the one who it turns out is named Yifat Alkobi, the Jewish woman that confronted, cursed, spat on and threatened her Arab neighbor in Hebron, she who is imprisoned in her own home, seemed somehow familiar to me.

Gradually, from the cobwebs of my childhood memories, I dredged up the image of a Hungarian neighbor in Novi Sad, who used to stand at the entrance to her home and curse us every time we went into the street – just like Yifat Alkobi.

When we decide, and rightly so, to never under any circumstances compare the behavior of Jews to that of Nazis, we are forgetting that anti-Semitism only reached its height at Auschwitz. It had existed, was active, frightening, harmful and disgusting – exactly like Alkobi’s image – in the years that preceded Auschwitz too. And behind shuttered windows hid terrified Jewish women, exactly like the Arab woman of the Abu-Isha family in Hebron.

It is unthinkable that the memory of Auschwitz should serve as a pretext to ignore the fact that living here among us are Jews that behave toward Palestinians exactly the way that German, Hungarian, Polish and other anti-Semites behaved toward Jews.

I am not referring to crematoria or pogroms, but rather to the persecution, hounding, stone-throwing, undermining of livelihood, scare tactics, spitting and contempt.

It was all of these things that made our lives in the Diaspora so bitter and harrowing, even before they began the wholesale killing of Jews. I was afraid to go to school because little anti-Semites lay in wait on the way and beat us. In what way is a Palestinian child in Hebron any different?

[…] We forget that this hounding of the Palestinian neighbors in Hebron happens not only at the moment we see it on television, but rather day after day, every day of the year (with the exception of Yom Kippur). The truth is that I too only pipe up occasionally and pay lip service by means of articles such as this. Even worse: I reacted with silence to this when I was justice minister too. We left the task of protest to the extreme leftist groups, who provoke well-deserved loathing from us all other days of the year.

We are familiar with the excuse of “We didn’t know.” So, for the record: We do know.

I’m not sure what Lapid means by “well-deserved loathing.” He’s saying they’re right and that he himself hasn’t done enough.

Peace Now held demonstrations near Hebron

Some 250 Peace Now activists on Thursday demonstrated on a road north of the West Bank city of Hebron over alleged ongoing violence exhibited by settlers against a Palestinian family in the city.

Peace Now moved their demonstration to the outskirts of the city after Israel Defense Forces GOC Central Command Yair Naveh prohibited them from rallying within the city limits.

Yesh Din has responded to Defense Minister Amir Peretz who, though he condemned the abuse, claimed a soldier who was a witness and did nothing had no authority to do anything. Yesh Din disagrees. Michael Sfard is the group’s legal adviser:

“Soldiers can’t claim that it is not within their authority to arrest Israeli citizens who are harming Palestinians or their property,” Sfard wrote to Peretz. “Not only are they authorized to do so, they are obligated to do so.”

[…] An amateur video recording showing Jewish resident, Yifat Alkobi, verbally and physically attacking members of the local Abu Aysha family was broadcast in the media last week.

[…] The Palestinian family lives in a heavily defended house, designed to protect them from attacks by settlers. The film shows Alkobi preventing a female resident from leaving her home and swearing at her while an Israel Defense Forces soldier stands by doing nothing.

A committee is going to investigate relations between settlers and Palestinians.



  1. Yifat Alkobi, a vulgar Israeli woman from Hebron, called her Palestinian neighbor a “whore.” Regretfully, such expressions are as common [in society] as “hello.” Yet when it comes to from settler, a common swear word turns into a feast of hate. The method of settler-bashing by Israelis is similar to Israel-bashing by non-Israelis. 

To ignite and fuel hatred toward a settler, or at Israel, firstly, an incident needs to be isolated from its context so that the viewer or listener would not know what caused it. Secondly, to authenticate it, the incident itself would then be captured by “non-professionals.”

    Usually, a video camera will be supplied by those who look for provocations of their taste. Thirdly, the incident itself would be carefully chosen so that it will cater to the politically correct. This will ensure the sympathy of even opponents. Fourthly, the incident will be supported by “witnesses” who loathe the settlers (or Israel). Lastly, the incident would be exposed to the public by a sympathetic journalist.

    In the case of Alkobi, though brought to public knowledge only now, the incident happened six months ago. The context was a Palestinian provocation that included spitting and stone throwing. Alkobi herself was spat on by the woman who videoed her. The video camera was given to the Palestinian family by B’Tselem – an extreme Left entity that operates in disguise for the human rights organization. The video clip itself was edited by B’Tselem to serve its purpose – evacuation of all Jews from Hebron. The journalist who helped push this video clip was Rafi Reshef – an enthusiastic supporter of the extreme Left agenda. Reshef brought “witnesses” who supported the Palestinian version but failed to bring witnesses who could present the settler’s version.

    This method worked like a charm. From the prime minister down, everybody condemned Alkobi as if she was a dangerous criminal. Esteemed professors and journalists took the opportunity to take a whack at the settlers calling them anywhere from “abscesses” to “criminals.” Alkobi herself will be charged with assault and violent behavior in a public place. Alkobi’s behavior is nothing to be proud of but to accuse her of criminal behavior is outrageous – and frightening. Outrageous because no one was ever taken to court for swearing at his neighbor. Frightening because if found guilty, freedom will be severely violated.

    Alkobi’s incident is a further testimony of an ideological tyranny at work. Enlightened tyranny always begins in the name of lofty ideas such as equality, peace or loving the other. Yet it tends to end up in brutal violence against the opposition. Turning the settlers into an abscess is the first step toward getting rid of it – no matter how.

    “Celebrated Spit” by Tsvi Sadan

    Does this story seem outrageous and like a paranoid conspiracy theory? … It’s not. I live in the Middle East. It’s downright common. Media here is retarded–which says a lot, if you look at press as a whole anyway.

    (btw, the whole ‘comparing Jews with the Nazis’ is so old and over-used everywhere it’s disgusting. Because of the history, it seems like it’s everyone’s favorite insult. It’s not comparable–not in the least, and I’m not even Jewish.)

  2. the whole ‘comparing Jews with the Nazis’ is so old and over-used everywhere it’s disgusting.

    Go tell it to Yosef Lapid, a Holocaust survivor. And, if you actually bother to read what he wrote, he made the extent of his comparison very clear.

    This method worked like a charm. From the prime minister down, everybody condemned Alkobi as if she was a dangerous criminal.

    So is Tsvi Sadan above the prime minister? Wow! Guess he should run for office, put Olmert and the other naive fools out of work.

    Who is Tsvi Sadan, anyway?

  3. Hebron colonists occupy Palestinian hilltop home (Feb 2007).

    Today at 4 pm human rights workers (HRWs) in the Tel Rumeida district of Hebron were alarmed that colonists had entered local resident Issa Amro’s house on the hilltop overlooking the olive grove. For the third time this week a group of about 10 colonists illegally occupied this Palestinian property. Today they stayed in and around the house for an hour, while nearby soldiers didn’t take any action to get the trespassers out.

    When the HRWs arrived to join Issa Amro and Israeli HRWs, the colonists reacted by making disgraceful remarks. Colonist Yifat Alkobi, who became infamous starring in the “Sharmuta Video”, said to one of the HRWs : “You are a Nazi, go back to Auschwitz!“.

    Haaretz — News in Brief (14th March 2007).

    The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court yesterday sentenced Yifat Alkobi of Hebron to four months’ community service, six months’ parole and a fine of NIS 300 for throwing stones at a Palestinian’s house six years ago and breaking a window. The court also ordered Alkobi to pay the Palestinian NIS 1,000 in compensation. “The accused acted with contempt toward the process and the court and did not take responsibility for her actions,” Judge Rivka Fridman-Feldman wrote in the verdict. Alkobi was filmed two months ago cursing her Palestinian neighbor in Hebron.

  4. […] Yesh Din. She has been in the news before, accused of spitting onand cursing a Palestinian neighbor( ). She firstgot sentenced to a fine and probation and was later acquitted of thecharges […]

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