Posted by: Lister | January 23, 2007

Israel builds a brand new Arab City

From Jews Sans Frontieres quoting: The Jerusalem Post

IDF builds fake Muslim city to prepare for war

The IDF unveiled an Urban Warfare Training Center (UTC) on Monday in a mock city that simulates an Arab town, four months after the second Lebanon war ended.

[…] Around 500 structures were built for a maximum capacity of 5,000 residents. “Just like in every real city we built mosques, a Casba and even a refugee camp,” said Lt.-Col Arik Moreh, the second in command of the Tactical Training City (TTC), part of the UTC, following a large urban warfare training exercise Monday morning.

How long has Israel occupied Gaza/West Bank? Why don’t they build cities for Palestinians to actually use?

Who built that power station in Gaza that the Israelis blew up? It seems that the rest of the world has to organise the amenities for people who by rights should be Israeli citizens — Most of them were born under Israeli rule, let them vote for the government that really controls their lives.

Arab music was played in the background throughout the entire exercise, to get everyone in the mood.

…Or to make it seem more like a video game.


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