Posted by: Lister | February 13, 2007

Yesterday and today in Lebanon

These where the words of Karim Pakradouni after the bus bombings in Lebanon today:

“The curse cast on Lebanon has not yet been lifted. Political messages in the world are relayed verbally or in writing. In Lebanon, they are written in blood,” he said.

The blasts killed at least 3 people (initial estimates were 12) in a Christian town near Bifkaya.

There were chances, just yesterday, of a breakthrough in diplomacy between the Lebanese govt and its opposition.

“Every time the possibility of practical solutions looms on the horizon between the Lebanese factions to strengthen their unity, the enemies of Lebanon rush to commit a new crime against innocents,” Emile Lahoud, the Lebanese president, said.

Ray of hope shines on Beirut as both sides see ‘open door’

An agreement between Lebanon’s opposing political camps seemed to be in the works on Monday as the March 14 Forces urged its supporters to participate in a commemoration of the second anniversary of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri to be held on Wednesday.

The initiative, according to numerous local press reports, is being prepared by Speaker Nabih Berri and includes solutions to six controversial issues, including an international tribunal to try Hariri’s assassins and the formation of a national unity government.

[…] Hizbullah MP Hassan Fadlallah said on Monday that contacts were under way between the opposition and pro-government leaders. “This new attempt helps open the door for a solution to be reached in spite of all the provocations and attacks and attempts to drag the country to strife,” Fadlallah said. “This stage is the stage of opening political doors in order to reach a solution and we call on the government not to miss this chance.”

[…] Siniora was also optimistic. “I believe that we are heading toward a solution. I am confident that we are on the right track,” he said on Monday after a meeting with Saudi Ambassador Abdel-Aziz Khoja.

Beirut MP Ghassan Tueni was equally positive after a meeting with Berri. “Everything seems to be in the works,” he said. “There are discussions to amend the draft of the international court and the Cabinet. Hopefully we will reach something in a few days.”

I hope all agreements stay on track.


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