Posted by: Lister | February 15, 2007

Stone Age Planet of the Apes

Chimps use tools. But is that only because they copy us?

It seems that ancient chimps ‘used stone tools’ as far back as 4300 years ago. Not sure I agree with the article’s claim that this was ‘before the advent of agriculture’. Agriculture has a 10,000 year history. The Great Pyramid at Giza was built around 2570 BC.

Perhaps they meant Chimp agriculture….



  1. Maybe the author meant agricultural societies, that would make more sense. And yes, if they find evidence of chimp stone tool use a million years ago, that would be something. Still, fascinating that they are even able to do “chimp archaeology” at all, never would have occurred to me that it was even possible. JMO –Doug

  2. “Maybe the author meant agricultural societies…”
    Mea culpa….

    The article’s not been updated, so I must have misread it.
    It refers to “agricutlure in the area”.

    The point is to show that the Chimps didn’t copy people, so it would be helpful if the discovery was in a place where chimps and humans couldn’t interact. So I assume there were no people in the area 4300 years ago, and thus no agriculture….

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