Posted by: Lister | March 15, 2007

Shaker al-Absi and Fatah al-Islam

Four Syrians have been arrested for the bus bombings in Lebanon. And one suspect remains at large.

They are said to belong to Fatah al-Islam, which Lebanese Interior Minister Hassan al-Sabaa says has close ties to Syria. But Syria has an arrest warrant for one of the groups leaders, having released him after he served three years in a Syrian prison.

Fatah al-Islam split from Fatah al-Intifada. People don’t seem to agree when. The group is accused of funding itself, at least partly, with two bank robberies, one each in Sidon and Tripoli.

The group denies involvement in the bus bombings and accuses the government of

trying to pave the way for an offensive against the dozen or so camps in Lebanon, which house more than half of the country’s nearly 400,000 Palestinian refugees.

The Washington Post:

“These allegations are completely false. They’re part of the campaign of lies against Syria,” Syrian Interior Minister Bassam Abdel Majeed told the official Syrian news agency.

“Fateh al-Islam is an organization of al Qaeda that plans to conduct terrorism operation in Syria. It was discovered in August 2002,” Abdel Majeed said.

He said several members of the group were arrested over the last few years and an arrest warrant was issued in January for Shaker al-Absi, a Jordanian of Palestinian origin, who used to be in contact with the late al Qaeda leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Absi already served a three-year jail term in Syria for belonging to Fatah al-Islam, Abdel Majeed said.



  1. Wife of Shaker al Absi identifies his corpse (Sept 3rd).

    But DNA tests did not match with those of his children. Al-Absi’s wife retracts statement over husband’s death:

    Rishdiyeh Al-Absi wife of Shaker Al-Absi, the fugitive leader of Fatah al Islam retracted to Lebanon’s examining magistrate Ghassan Owaidat , her earlier statement about the body of her husband.

    […] Magistrate Owaidat will also be questioning members of the Islamic Scholars who have also identified the body as that of Shaker al-Absi.

    […] The results of DNA tests conducted on the body encrypted as “a 16” and which was believed to be belonging to Shaker Al-Absi showed that the body in fact belongs to a man in his thirties, while Al-Absi is 53 years old.

    The army confirmed few days ago that Shaker al Absi was able to escape and filed legal charges against Rishdiyeh and Islamic Scholars accusing them of lying to the Lebanese army and misleading it to help Absi escape.

    An al-Qaeda website claims that al-Absi is in Syria, according to Ya-Libnan.

  2. Fatah al-Islam chief threatens to attack Lebanon army:

    “Nahr al-Bared camp will stand witness to your shame until the mujahideen tread your (bodies) with their shoes,” a speaker identified as Shaker al-Absi said in a 58-minute audio recording posted on a Web site used by al Qaeda and other Islamist groups on Monday.

    “This was only the beginning … By God you will not live safely,” he said. “The mill of war has started to grind … between the infidels and the believers.”

    If authenticated, the recording would be the first public evidence that Absi survived the 15-week battle in which more than 400 people were killed.

  3. Absi may have been arrested in Syria.

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