Posted by: Lister | March 16, 2007

Bulman the BNP and everything in between

Yes, I’m somewhat late with this story. But DSD, on the Nick Griffin page, said “The worst that Europe’s Muslims are suffering is people maybe looking at fully covered women in a bit of a funny way.” So I needed to find some other examples. Before going further, I should concede to DSD that there are no “torch-waving mobs” in this story. Let’s hope things never go that far.

Racist fire bomber Mark Bulman has pleaded guilty to trying to start a blaze at the Broad Street mosque (Oct 2006).

Bulman is sometimes called Bullock, according to this:

Condemned by their own words.

[…] in the last week we’ve seen a guy called Mark Bulman admit he tried to burn down Swindon’s Broad Street mosque earlier this year.

[…] When he was in court last week the case was adjourned – after his guilty plea – so he could have psychiatric tests and, after listening to him for a while, there can’t be much doubt about his mental state.

[…] But going back to hoisting people on their own petard, it’s more Bulman/Bullock’s relationship with the BNP which is illuminating.

Go back a couple of months, and you’ll find that his was not the first attempt made at defacing the mosque. A teenager called Michael Matthews tried to set fire to the same mosque, and graffitied the Sikh temple in Kembrey Street.

After he was sent down for it in January, a spokesman for the Swindon branch of the BNP said: “We don’t know anything about him.

“We just want to say that justice has been done and he deserves to be locked up for this attack on the Muslim community.”

The speaker? A certain Mark Bullock. Which tells you pretty much all you need to know about him, the BNP, and everything in between.


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