Posted by: Lister | March 19, 2007

Ahmed Errachidi and Ahmed Belbacha — cleared but not freed

Errachidi and Belbacha have been cleared by the Pentagon and “approved to leave Guantanamo.” Except they need some place to go. Their homes are in Britain. But the government won’t do the paper-work — they’re worried it will mean having to do something about six other cases that are pending.

The case illustrates the nature of Gitmo — people will confess to crimes they did not commit. Errachidi confessed to being Osama’s commanding officer. So the Americans called him the ‘General’ — who says Americans don’t do sarcasm?

Originally, the Pentagon claimed that Errachidi – whom it dubbed ‘The General’ – had spent the first half of 2001 training at an Afghan camp and fighting with the Taliban. Reprieve was able to show that, at the time, he had been cooking at the Westbury Hotel in London and could not have left the country because he had submitted his passport to the Home Office with an application for permanent residence.

Errachidi’s ex-wife is British and he has two children who are British.



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