Posted by: Lister | March 26, 2007

Iran’s statement to the UN

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki made a statement to the UN.

He says Iran has the right to enrich Uranium, and this was supported by the Non-aligned Movement, September 2006. He questions why they would have changed their minds, saying they were coerced by the sponsors of the resolution

He notes previous occasions where the UN has been biased against Iran: when Iran nationalised its oil the UN passed a resolution calling it “detrimental to international peace and security“; when the UN supported the Shah; when the UN took 7 days to decide on a resolution after Saddam invaded Iran — and the resolution they came up with called for an end to the fighting without calling for the aggressor to withdraw from the 30,000 sq kms he had occupied. The UN was slow to condemn the use of chemical weapons by Iraq (some of which were supplied by sponsors of the current resolution).

On the nuclear issue:

Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities cannot be characterized as a threat to peace by any stretch of law, fact or logic. Rather, certain members of the Security Council decided to hijack the case from IAEA, as the principal specialized technical organ in charge of the issue, and politicize it. How can Iran’s peaceful nuclear program be considered in the Security Council while Iran has carried out its obligations, and cooperated to the fullest extent possible, far more than it is obliged to in accordance with its treaty obligations, namely the NPT and the Safeguard Agreement? Isn’t it simply because the IAEA could not find any diversion from lawful and peaceful purposes? How could one expect the IAEA to prove a negative fact?

In order to achieve the politically motivated and unlawful goal of depriving Iran from its inalienable right to nuclear technology, attempts have been made to manufacture evidence. According to a recent report in an American newspaper, “most US intelligence shared with the UN nuclear watchdog agency has proved inaccurate and none has led to significant discoveries inside Iran.” The same news article also quotes a senior IAEA official as saying “since 2002, pretty much all the intelligence that’s come to us has proved to be wrong.”

[…] All reports by the IAEA since November 2003 have been indicative of the peaceful nature of Iranian nuclear program. The Agency confirmed in 2003, and maintained since then that “to date, there is no evidence that the previously undeclared nuclear material and activities were related to a nuclear weapons program.”


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