Posted by: Lister | April 6, 2007

MP3 and Jazz radio

Acoustic Guitar MP3s — generally solo pieces. The principle of the site is to give artists a place where they can advertise their freebies. Plenty of good music.

FingerStyle Guitar Magazine — online features. Currently “Sailor’s hornpipe” mp3 and pdf lesson (in notation and TAB). I don’t know how often it’s updated.

Richard Thompson Audio tracks — Officical site. Richard Thompson at c|NET music download (Also free, linked to from official site).

And more than 75,000 free MP3s at C|Net, arranged in categories.

I found that most radio stations require registration, which I feel is annoying — even if it’s free. Jazz Radio doesn’t. It also has a choice of connection speeds — which is important for me. Even though I have a fairly fast internet connection, my computer is slow and often has to pause when playing streamed media. The ads on the half-hour are fairly long, though.



  1. Sudden jump in spam after this post. 9 items, 7 of them porn related. Are music fans more likely to be interested in porn?

  2. hi

    good work man
    and welcom to my site

  3. Thanks, Mr Duha
    Some interesting tunes there.

    I’m currently listening to those by Fulla. I’ll check out some more later.

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