Posted by: Lister | April 9, 2007

Lieberman Vs Heine

My only political decision that I regret is not causing a coalition crisis over Lieberman” is what Amir Peretz told Labor supporters on Saturday.

Avigdor Lieberman is leader of Yisrael Beytenu, and the policy he is most famous for is the one calling for transfer of Israeli Arabs into Palestinian areas.

Ophir Pines-Paz was the only minister to vote against the cabinet decision which, by a large majority, cleared the way for Mr Lieberman to become the Deputy Prime Minister.

[…] He said that Yisrael Biteinu had a platform with “racist ingredients” and its leaders were tainted “by racist declarations and declarations that harm the democratic character of Israel”. He said it had been “necessary” for Mr Peretz to tell the Prime Minister to choose between Mr Lieberman and the Labour Party.

[…] Mr Lieberman, whose party envisages redrawing the border of Israel to transfer Arab population centres into Palestinian Authority areas under the banner “Israel is our home; Palestine is theirs” will be responsible for dealing with “strategic threats” against Israel.

Nobody who is compared to Hitler has acted entirely like Hitler. But Lieberman’s policy is enough to justify Benjamin Heine’s cartoon, for which Little Green Footballs attacked him at DailyKos. He was defended by Desert Peace

Half the man Lieberman hopes to be:


The full picture, with Lieberman’s alter-ego (Hitler) and a skull which has an Israeli flag, all backed by the word “Zionism”.



  1. Uri Avnery, I think, is a Zionist. If he is, then he shows that Lieberman isn’t the only face of Zionism. (Avnery believes in a two-state rather than bi-national solution, at least).

    Avnery on Lieberman

    […] THE SPIN managers of Olmert and Peretz try to calm us down. What’s so special about Lieberman, they ask us.

    So he advocates Transfer, the expulsion of the Arab citizens from Israel. He threatened to destroy Egypt by blowing up the Aswan Dam. He demanded the execution of the Israeli Arab Knesset members for meeting with Syrian and Hamas leaders. So what? Rehavam Ze’evi, whose memory was honored this week by a special commemoration session of the Knesset, proposed ethnic cleansing, and General Effi Eytam, the chief of the National Union party, uses similar language.

    Such a person should not be allowed to enter the government? Why not? After all, Lieberman has already been a member of the government, and so had Ze’evi and Eytam.

    This argument misses the point. The Lieberman who joined Sharon’s government five years ago represented a marginal group of new immigrants, which was not taken seriously. Sharon was a strong leader, and his ministers were unimportant. But the Lieberman that has joined the Olmert government is something else: the leader of a strong party that is getting stronger, under a Prime Minister who is a small party functionary, with whom most of the public is fed up. […]

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