Posted by: Lister | April 11, 2007

Omar and Priyanka — mixed marriage

Hindu rightwing organisations in Bhopal yesterday demanded a Muslim boy who had reportedly run away with a Hindu girl and married her be arrested and the girl handed over to her parents.

[…] Omar, 22, reportedly ran away with Priyanka, 21, last Thursday and the two got married after the boy converted to Hinduism.

However, the girl’s parents are not prepared to accept the relationship and have lodged a complaint, charging the boy with kidnapping their daughter.

[…] “In Bhopal, Hindu girls are being lured by Muslim boys off and on and this has become a routine. We will not tolerate it anymore,” said Bhagwandas Sabnani, former BJP district president.

Meanwhile, the girl is said to have told some of her relatives over the phone that she was not kidnapped or lured by anyone but had gone with Omar of her own accord and married him.

She also said that she had not been forced to convert to Islam. “Instead, my husband has adopted Hinduism before marrying me,” she said.

I’ve tried to find out how the other community has reacted to the marriage. But the Omar’s family isn’t quoted. But some people are quoting: “Omar’s elder brother Sabir has been detained in a Bhopal police station for the past four days, which is not fair,” Priyanka said.


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