Posted by: Lister | May 12, 2007

3 New Neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem

Committee approves construction of three new Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem

According to the committee’s chairman, Deputy Mayor Yehoshua Pollak, the plan is intended to create continuity between Jerusalem and the Etzion settlement bloc south of the city, and between Jerusalem and the Beit-El area settlements north of the city.

The committee approved the plan roughly 10 days ago. The decision states that due to the National Planning and Construction Committee’s decision to reject the Safdie Plan for expanding Jerusalem westward, “the committee sees fit to announce its intention to change the district outline plan in order to allow construction in additional areas of the city: Walaja, Givat Alona, the Atarot airport area, and more.”

The Walaja area is in southwestern Jerusalem, and consists primarily of territory annexed from the West Bank following the Six Day War. Construction in Walaja would create continuity between the Gilo and Malha neighborhoods of the capital and Beitar Ilit and the Etzion bloc. Some of the land in the area is owned by Jewish entrepreneurs, some is defined as state land, and some is defined as being in absentee ownership.

[…] The Jerusalem committee’s decision will be sent to the planning authority that approves the Jerusalem outline plan for further examination. The authorization process is a long one, as in addition to the local committee and the district planning and construction committee’s approval, the plan must also be approved by the National Planning and Construction Committee because some of the areas are not currently designated for construction.

Via Raising Yousuf

To put things in perspective, these settlements will create an uninterrupted stretch of Jewish-only housing and amenities between the eastern sector of the city and two West Bank settlement blocs, in an area (the “E-1” area) that historically accounts for 30-40% of the Palestinian economy combined. This is, of course, despite continued (empty) promises by Israeli governmetns not to build or expand there.

In typical Israeli government fashion, the announcement came just one day after the World Bank issued a scathing report of Israel’s West Bank closure policies, which also happened to coincide with the demolitin of a special-needs home in East Jerusalem (despite the fact that the report found most building violations took place in West Jerusalem).

J’lem city hall destroys center for disabled children.


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