Posted by: Lister | June 3, 2007

Sicko — Michael Moore

From CNN:

“Sicko,” Michael Moore’s ferocious and funny attack on the U.S. health care system, got a warm welcome at the Cannes Film festival Saturday. At home, it has started a firestorm.

[…] Moore’s previous films were praised and reviled in equal measure. Americans will likely be just as divided by “Sicko” — especially scenes in which Moore takes the sick 9/11 rescuers to Cuba for treatment. The trip led the U.S. Treasury Department to investigate Moore for possibly breaking the U.S. trade and travel embargo on Cuba.

[…] The film includes what Moore hopes is an example of generosity of spirit. When the director found out that the Moore-bashing Web site would have to close because webmaster Jim Kenefick needed money to pay his sick wife’s medical bills, he sent an anonymous check for US$12,000.

Moore said he planned to call Kenefick on Saturday before the film’s evening premiere to identify himself as the benefactor. But Kenefick, tipped off by media reports, appeared unimpressed.

“He paid US$12,000 so that you, the press, would focus on what a ‘nice guy’ he is and in the same breath, make me look like a jerk,” Kenefick wrote on the site — which is still running.

Here’s a link to the response on MooreWatch. And a time-line from same, in which Kenefick does thank Michael Moore.

I read this story on Graeme’s Blog.


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