Posted by: Lister | June 12, 2007

Majd Ghanem — Human Shield

From B’tselem, an Israeli Human rights group.

IDF soldiers made use of Majd Ghanem in a search of his neighbour’s house. Afterwards,

I went back to the jeep which was parked in the middle of the road and told the soldier that I wanted to go back home. The soldier refused and told me to sit on the ground between the jeep and a bulldozer. About twenty minutes after I sat down, shooting started from the east of where I was seated. I was outside on the road while the soldiers sat in their military vehicles.

The soldiers in the house and in the jeep started shooting at the armed people. The exchange of fire lasted between 10-15 minutes and then I felt that I had been shot in the lower back. I knocked on the jeep and signaled to the soldiers that I was hurt by showing them my hand covered with blood. The soldiers from the jeep ordered me to sit down. I waited ten more minutes until another jeep came to protect the two that were already there. The soldiers opened the back door of one of the jeeps and took me inside. One of the soldiers bandaged my wound and sent me back home. When I got home I was still bleeding. I went inside only to find the soldiers still there. I asked for some first aid but the soldiers did nothing but put more bandages on the wound.

My father asked for the soldiers’ permission to call an ambulance but they refused. Finally, they called an ambulance that arrived about half an hour after I had gone inside. The ambulance took me to the government hospital in Jenin where I was treated. It turns out that I had a superficial wound from a bullet that had not penetrated deeply, and exited from the back of my hips.


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