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International Committee for Dar ElHanoun

Via Yaba Yaba.

The International Committee for Dar ElHanoun

Dar ElHanoun is an Arab-Palestinian village within the borders of the State of Israel. It is an old village that dates back to the 1920s, and its residents are Israeli citizens who legally own their lands. But the Israeli authorities refuse to recognize the village. [As a result, the village has no paved road leading to it, no electricity and telephone connection, no health, education or post services.] The Israeli Ministry of the Interior consistently threatens to demolish the village and evacuate its inhabitants.

We are Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, activists for peace and equality between Jews and Arabs in Israel/Palestine. We are calling all peace loving people of the world who are concerned about the situation in Israel/Palestine: please help the struggle of Dar ElHanoun for recognition and prevent its destruction by the State of Israel!

We urge you to join the mailing list of the International Committee for Dar ElHanoun. Please follow the link below and join the mailing list today. By subscribing to the mailing list you will get up-to-date information about the situation in Dar ElHanoun, and on how you can help us to bring an end to its suffering and contribute to Arab-Jewish partnership in Israel/Palestine.

Dar ElHanoun is one of many unrecognized villages and dwelling places of Arab Israeli citizens. More than 80,000 Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel live in such villages. The refusal of the State of Israel to recognize those dwelling places of Israeli Arabs is only one of the many ways in which Israel acts again the basic political and human rights of its Arab citizens. It is part of on-going attempts of Israeli establishment to have as much land as possible under control of Jewish municipalities in Israel/Palestine.

Recently, leaders of the Arab-Palestinian community within Israel have initiated open proposals for stopping their discrimination. In response, the Israeli security service has announced that it would combat the activity of any group or individual seeking to harm Israel’s “Jewish or democratic character,” even if that activity was carried out through legal means.

The village of Dar ElHanoun is within the Wadi Ara area. The Israeli minister for “strategic threats”, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman, consistently calls for taking away the citizenship of the Israeli-Arab inhabitants of Wadi Ara, and subject its population to the same treatment of the Palestinians in the occupied territories.
It is easy to estimate that the recent steps against Dar ElHanoun are part of a more global attack of Israeli authorities on the Arab citizens of Israel.

Recently (April 2007) there has been an escalation in the acts of the Israeli authorities against Dar ElHanoun. The Israeli minister of the Interior has announced that he supports the policy of his ministry, which aims to evacuate Dar ElHanoun and demolish its houses.

One of Dar ElHanoun’s inhabitants has been convicted in asphalting a small pavement at the entrance to the village, in a joint peace activity of Jews and Arabs in August 2001. Another trial is pending, in which the State of Israel threatens to demolish the house of this Dar ElHanoun resident. This trial may be connected to the fact that resident has been active in the struggle of Dar ElHanoun, together with Israeli Jewish political activists of Taayush.



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