Posted by: Lister | July 16, 2007

USA and OBL Vs Iran

Justin Raimondo:

At this point, unless the American people wake up in time – which I very much doubt – war with Iran seems all but inevitable. Politically, there is no one of any stature standing up to oppose it, or even to point out that the question of war with Iran is imminent. Ron Paul, alone of all the candidates in both parties, has warned of a Gulf-of-Tonkin-style incident, which could be blown up into a casus belli.

[…] The global conflict the neocons are always eagerly anticipating, and which they call “World War IV,” is about to break out – and it ought to make at least the most thoughtful among us just a little bit queasy that, in the coming struggle with Iran, Osama bin Laden is on our side.

Bush won’t do it.
He knows that China will step in. China will not let the US station troops all over its oil and gas supply. And that’s what the war is about. Not access to oil, but control of access to oil. Currently, Iranian oil is controlled by Iranians who are friendly to China. Iraqi and Saudi oil is controlled by America. That’s already too much.

Cheney pushes Bush to act on Iran, fearing that Bush’s successor won’t. Yeah, the odds of two lunatic administrations in a row are….?


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