Posted by: Lister | August 3, 2007

David Attenborough censored

Via James Randi’s commentary.

[EO in the Netherlands] broadcast the BBC series “The Life of Mammals” presented by David Attenborough, and it turns out that they left out certain comments about evolutionary theory; all references to “millions of years” were also systematically edited out. The last part of the series, mainly about the descent of man, was omitted altogether.



  1. […] documentaries being presented in an evolutionary fashion, however, and the blog Pardon My Paradox tipped me off to something fishing going on in the Netherlands. Indeed, “James Randi’s Swift” […]

  2. “Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!” – Dumb and Dumber

  3. Apparently you missed the announcent concerting the creationistuseum built in the midwest.
    It simply boggles the mind and make me feel like I was a monkey in h Scopes trial.
    One step forward, four or five back.

  4. As an example of selection in the world of memes, Ocean Mist just got more popular!

    Thanks, coaks!

    Mongoose… prepare to believe! 😉

  5. (Via JREF again) Scientists complain:

    The world’s best known wildlife broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, has called on the BBC to stop Christian fundamentalists from deleting references to evolution from his documentaries.

    […] The edits by the public broadcasting organisation Evangelische Omroep (EO, Evangelical Broadcasting) have triggered howls protests about “deviations and sins of omission” from Dutch scientists, led by Dr Gerdien de Jong, an evolutionary biologist at Utrecht University.

    With Dr Hans Roskam of the University of Leiden, she has organised a petition, signed by more than 300 biologists, including 50 professors, and letters of complaint to the Director General of the BBC, the director of the BBC Natural History Unit, and Sir David.

    “I am entirely on the side of the biologist in Utrecht,” said Sir David. “The BBC should take steps to make sure that the minuteness of the meanings are maintained.”

    […] In the petition, the biologists call on the BBC to insist the programmes be broadcast intact, or carry a warning they have been changed.

    The BBC didn’t get involved in the editing process because less than 5min per hour were effected. But, apparently, one whole episode was left out — episode 10, about apes and humans.

    I think the BBC could have issued a stronger statement.

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