Posted by: Lister | August 10, 2007

Half of Asians wouldn’t date a white person

That’s the result of a survey undertaken for BBC Asian Network.

Nearly half of Asians would not consider dating a white person

Over half of young Asians would not consider dating a black person

Five times as many young Asians as whites believe homosexuality is immoral

[…] Whilst 87% of white people would consider a mixed race marriage, according to the survery, just 53% of Asians felt the same.

[…] Thirty-one per cent of Asians say that all or most of their friends are from the same race compared to 69% of white people, according to the survey.

[…] “Asian” refers to people identifying themselves as Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan.



  1. I’m an Asian who has been studying in the U.S for one and a half years. I have some closed friends in the college. However, sometimes I feel pissed off when they call me Asian guy. I know they do not mean to offend me; they just want to make a joke. Therefore, I have came up with my blog as a way to express Asian lifestyle. Take a look and tell me what you think.

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