Posted by: Lister | August 25, 2007

Below the media radar

Via Doug’s Darkworld, Kurds protest in Halabja (March 2006) — and set fire to the memorial to the Halabja massacre.

Like Doug, I hadn’t heard of this. Doug makes a lot of good points, so be sure to read his blog

The museum burning is mentioned at Wiki:

On the 2006 anniversary of the gas attack, violent demonstrations erupted in Halabja against the Kurdish administration. An estimated 7,000 demonstrators protested against priorities in reconstruction, claiming party bosses did not care about the problems of the gas attack victims. Road blocks were set up and the gas attack memorial museum was set afire. Police fired at protesters killing one 14-year old boy and wounding many others.

The Kurds complained about not being helped back in 2004: Kurdish village gassed by Saddam ignored throughout U.S. occupation

“This town has been totally destroyed in terms of the people’s health physically and psychologically,” Dr. Fouad Baban, an Iraqi surgeon and academic, told the Tribune. “Nothing has been done to help these people — not by the Americans, not by the international community and not by the Kurdish regional government.”

[…] Two years [before Saddam attacked Halabja], the US had been the sole vote to oppose a statement from the UN Security council recognizing Iraq’s use of chemical weapons against Iranian forces, wrote Cambridge lecturer Glen Rangwala in September 2002. Hussein continued to receive US support for years after the crimes at Halajba shocked the world.




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