Posted by: Lister | August 31, 2007

Idiots on a Plane

10 idiots, according to a YNet story: Israeli soccer fans filmed cursing Prophet Muhammad

A serious and potentially dangerous diplomatic incident between Israel and Turkey was prevented Wednesday, after a national Turkish TV channel agreed not to broadcast a video showing Israeli soccer fans cursing the Prophet Muhammad.

[…] The video was filmed by a Turkish reporter of Channel 24, Elif Ural, who accompanied the Maccabi Tel Aviv soccer team on its flight from Israel to the Turkish town of Kayseri…

[…] A group of fans who were on the plane with the team were caught on video singing songs against Muhammad and Muslims.

[…] “The decision not to broadcast the video was the right one and I don’t have a problem with it,” Ural said. “There is really no need to risk relations between Israel and Turkey because of 10 idiots. I understood that if the incident is published, the potential for a violent outbreak at the stadium and in the city could grow significantly. But what I felt on the plane would be very hard to forget.”



  1. It was good editorial judgment of the Turkish media to not broadcast it. It would be mistaken as representing all Israelis.

    Of course, if it was the Turkish people who cursed a figure of importance to the Israelis, we would expect Fox and other “Western” media outlets to exercise the same judgment rather than airing it as an example of rampant “Islamofascism” and muslim anti-Semitism. Or would we?

  2. Someone could’ve gotten killed. Seriously.

    and, eem, there’s no way that Fox will ever miss a chance to show Islamofascists being “scary.”

    unbelievable .. . these fans are stupider than a pack of Limbaugh dittoheads.

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