Posted by: Lister | September 3, 2007

Fighting has stopped at Nahr al-Bared

Ya Libnan — At last! After three months of fighting.

In a statement, the army said that “the militants of Fatah al-Islam attacked army positions in a desperate attempt to flee Nahr al-Bared camp”.

The militants reportedly attacked at least two checkpoints outside the camp. It was not immediately known if any of the militants had managed to escape.

The army has cordoned off the area and blocked the main road leading to Syria. Helicopters have been called in to search the area.

[…] The standoff between the army and the militants began on May 20 and has left more than 220 people dead, including 158 soldiers. Three of the troops were killed on Sunday.

It seems that civilian casualties were light. The Daily Star reports 20 civilian casualties:

The Lebanese Army crushed a series of pre-dawn escape attempts by Fatah al-Islam militants on Sunday and won control of the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp in North Lebanon after more than 100 days of battle. Soldiers briefly danced in the streets near the camp with celebrating locals to mark the end of a conflict that left some 158 soldiers dead, as well as some 20 civilians and dozens of militants, according to official army counts.


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