Posted by: Lister | September 4, 2007

Fwee Bwian!

Did Jesus Christ get a fair trial?

Did Pontius Pilate commit a human rights abuse when he ordered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago?

That is the question facing Kenya’s High Court.

A case filed by a group called “Friends of Jesus” calls on the court to interpret the Law of Moses to determine whether Jesus received a fair trial for blasphemy.

Dola Indidis – The man spearheading the case – says, “For a long time I have been thinking over the case of Jesus Christ and I’m convinced, I have been convinced for a long time that Jesus was not given a fair trial and that the trial was a nullity as a result of which he suffered crucifixion. I then decided to instruct counsel so that the same can be challenged in court with a view of correct record because as we stand today Jesus Christ remains a convicted criminal, we want the records to be set right.”

Well, he’s got a point. He wants it acknowledged that Jesus wasn’t a criminal. But who today thinks that Jesus was? No-one. So this is just a publicity stunt.

But it would be good to have it on record that washing your hands doesn’t remove from you responsibility.

Via madurobob at JREF



  1. Not only do I not think Jesus was a criminal, I don’t think he “was” at all. To have such a trial you have to prove there was ever such a man and ever such a conviction to overturn. Lotsa luck with that, Indidis!

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