Posted by: Lister | October 8, 2007

Benny Elon’s plan to annex the West Bank

As reported at YNET. (Via Desert Peace).

National Union-NRP chairman MK Benny Elon proposed on Sunday that Israel annex the West Bank and that the Palestinians be allowed to remain there on the condition that they become Jordanian citizens.

[…] Under the plan, hundreds of thousands of refugees living in the West Bank will get financial assistance to build new homes and the neglected camps they live in will be destroyed.

[…] Elon said the UN Relief and Works Agency in the territories had failed and should be dismantled. He accused the agency of “perpetuating the refugee problem” by extending aid instead of conceiving long-term solutions.

I can agree with his desire for a long-term solution. But why not make the residents of the land he wants to annex Israeli citizens? Israel has been ruling the lives of these people for decades. Isn’t it about time that Palestinians had a vote in the government that really runs their lives?


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