Posted by: Lister | November 6, 2007

The difficulty of making peace

I have sympathy for Norman Tebbit’s views. But I am glad his views did not stand in the way of peace. His following statement was in response to Tony Blair’s claim that the Tories were soft on terror.

Lord Tebbit was among 34 people wounded in the 1984 attack which killed five.

[…] Lord Tebbit, whose wife Margaret was paralysed, told the newspaper the IRA had killed more British people than al-Qaeda killed Americans in the 11 September attacks.

He said: “Considering Blair is the man who let out of prison a whole battalion of murderers, including the man that crippled my wife, that nearly killed me and murdered my friends, I find it difficult to take his claims seriously.”

“I feel a sensation of nausea that a man so detached from reality and truth could be the prime minister of this country.”

Lord Tebbit made a more personal statement the same year.

Chronology of Provisional IRA attacks
1990-92: Start of the talks process

Although it kept a ceasefire from 1997, the provisional IRA didn’t actually put its weapons “verifiably beyond use” until 2005.


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