Posted by: Lister | November 14, 2007

Ibrahim Ahmad

13 yr old shot dead in Gaza:

On Monday morning, 13-year-old Ibrahim Ahmad, devoutly religious as well as a keen sports fan, went to dawn prayers at the local mosque before taking a taxi with his three older brothers to the neighbouring town of Beit Lahiya and joining the steadily growing procession on foot to the Yasser Arafat commemoration in central Gaza city.

By the afternoon, he was in the morgue in Shifa hospital, shot in the neck and side, the youngest of the seven victims of the bullets fired by Hamas forces in the bloody aftermath of the rally.

Ibrahim’s brother Amjad, 23, explained that they were separated during the rally but thought little of it because of the happy, almost carnival, atmosphere of the occasion.

[…] “He went to the rally and he did not come back,” [his father] said. “He’s a kid. He had no weapons or anything else. I blame the security forces. They’re the ones supposed be in charge of security.”

He meant the uniformed Hamas men who had opened fire. But other relatives were less reticent. “Even the Israelis do not do this,” said Ibrahim’s uncle, Jihad Auda, 52, adding of the rally: “It was like a party, a wedding. They know that these weapons will kill. Why do they use it against their own people?”

Mr Auda was also highly sceptical of the Hamas explanation that its force had been first fired on by Fatah gunmen posted at the nearby al Azhar university – denied both by the rally’s organisers, officials of the Fatah-linked university, and students who had been on the campus at the time. Even if it were true, he said “they should react by shooting at the people who are shooting them, not by shooting at the masses”.


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