Posted by: Lister | November 14, 2007

Imran Khan arrested

While calling for a student uprising against emergency rule. What I found interesting where these comments:

“What Musharraf achieved by this emergency was to get rid of this judiciary. Even if he lifts the emergency and holds elections, they are going to be meaningless.” He added: “We will still be stuck … with pliant judges who endorse every illegal act of a dictator. And so people will be deprived of their fundamental rights, since the judiciary is not independent. There will be no one to protect the independent media. There will be no one to protect an independent electoral commission.

[…] He warned yesterday against continued international support for General Musharraf’s increasingly unpopular regime. “The biggest mistake the West is making is backing one man at the cost of 160 million people,” he said. “There is a danger of things turning out like they did for the Shah of Iran … The pro-democracy movement will go anti-American.”


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