Posted by: Lister | November 19, 2007

Violence down in Basra

There is less violence in Basra after the British army withdrew to the airport. (Entirely reducing their mission to pretending the US is not alone in Iraq — Craig Murray).

The Scotsman:

ATTACKS have plunged by 90 per cent in southern Iraq since Britain withdrew its troops from the main city of Basra, their commander said yesterday.

Their presence in central Basra was the single largest trigger for violence, according to Major General Graham Binns. “We thought, ‘If 90 per cent of the violence is directed at us, what would happen if we stepped back?”‘ he said. […] “The motivation for attacking us has gone, because we’re no longer patrolling the streets.”

There are also some comments after the article that are worth reading. The first says some may credit the surge with this success. Violence went up during the surge, because the Americans were more visible. It’s gone down at the end becuase the Americans aren’t out and about so much and because the ethnic cleansing has become more complete.


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