Posted by: Lister | November 28, 2007

Enemies of Peace

Try and name the speakers before reading Bradley Burston’s article in Haaretz.

“The **** people’s history has not seen a worst era than that of **** as president.”

“Never before has a leader posed such a danger to the people of ****.”

“[This land is] purely owned by the ****. No person, group, government or generation has the right to give up one inch of it.”

“The people of **** did not give you a mandate to give away its property and what belongs to it.”

“We would prefer to die than give up the land of ****. We will not give up one grain of the land of ****. And we will never recognize ****.”

Final cut to demonstration in Jerusalem’s Paris Square. A sign reads “There was never a **** people.”

There you are. Repeat after me:
Not one inch.

You have no right.

Anyone who gives away the property of our people is a dangerous traitor.

It belongs to us, all of it.

Jerusalem is ours in its entirety.

The land is ours alone, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan.

Any act is just in defense of our right to our land.

Our case, our cause is entirely, objectively just. Theirs is a flat lie.

A no to compromise is a yes to self-defense.

Peace is an illusion.

Don’t even think about it.


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