Posted by: Lister | December 20, 2007

Nick Clegg is an atheist

The new Lib-Dem leader, on BBC radio question session:

New Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has answered “no” when asked on BBC radio if he believed in God. The rapid-fire question and answer format on 5 Live meant the 40-year-old did not have the chance to elaborate.

He later said he had “enormous respect for people who have religious faith”, that his wife is Catholic and that his children are being brought up Catholic.

Last month, former PM Tony Blair said he had not talked much about his faith for fear of being labelled a “nutter”.

I was already voting Lib-Dem, so no change there.



  1. I wasn’t going to vote for them, still probably wont but just blogged my impressed reaction to Clegg’s admission.

    I am at least closer to voting for him.

  2. I think most people will consider it not important. Britain isn’t particularly religious.

    It’s really only because of Bush and Blair that I give a damn about it. My vote is mostly tactical, anyway. To get rid of a tory MP.

  3. Interesting that he felt the subsequent need to clarify he still respected religious people. As if atheism makes that a question.

  4. It does make it a question to some people. Clegg made those comments after the interview with radio 5, but I haven’t found the actual context. (Beyond it being a comment on a BBC site). Maybe someone asked, or Clegg anticipated the question and made the comment anyway.

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