Posted by: Lister | January 22, 2008

Egypt also blockades Gaza

Angry Gazans storm Rafah crossing:

Dozens of Palestinian protesters have stormed the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, demanding that the frontier be opened to ease the blockade imposed on the territory by Israel.

Several protesters were wounded as Egyptian police opened fire in the air and used batons and water canons to push back the protesters.

[…] Angry protesters complained that Gaza was under siege from both Israel and neighbouring Arabs.

[…] At least four Palestinians were wounded during the protest, medics said.

Eleven Egyptian policemen were injured, including one from gunfire and the other 10 from rocks thrown at them.

[…]Meanwhile, amid mounting international fears of a humanitarian crisis, two lorries carrying cooking gas and three with diesel for generators passed through Israel’s Nahal Oz border crossing, east of Gaza City, early on Tuesday morning.

[…] Israeli tanker lorries brought in 700,000 litres of fuel, enough to provide electricity to Gaza City for two days.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, however, called on Israel to fully lift the blockade, calling a partial easing of the lockdown “insufficient”.

[…] But Khaled Meshaal, the Hamas leader based in Damascus, said the rocket fire would continue as long as Israel continues its “onslaught” on Gaza and the West Bank.

“Let Israel stop its aggression and its occupation of Palestinian land and the resistance, including rockets, will stop,” he said in an interview.

Egypt’s actions amount to sending refugees back to a war-zone.


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