Posted by: Lister | January 28, 2008

Is the border to be closed?

The BBC:

Egypt has started choking off supplies to its border zone with Gaza in an attempt to discourage Palestinians from pouring into the area, reports say.

[…] Meanwhile, Israeli tankers carrying fuel intended for Gaza’s one power station are reported to have arrived at the Karni crossing point, and are waiting to cross.

The Israelis say they are in talks with Egypt on how to reseal the Egyptian-Gaza border, which – until last week – had been mostly closed since the militant Hamas movement seized control of Gaza last June.

The embargo has caused power cuts and food shortages in Gaza, which is home to about 1.5m Palestinians.

On the Gazan side, Hamas security guards have been deployed and are stopping civilian cars from entering Egypt.

However, trucks carrying supplies into the coastal strip are being allowed to cross, as well as pedestrians.

There is no confirmation that Hamas and the Egyptian authorities are working together to seal the border and end the chaos of the last week.

However, reports from Rafah’s Brazil gate say Egyptian security forces and Hamas militants have strung barbed wire across one of the breaches, while at Salah Eddin gate the two sides worked together to control traffic.

Christian Science Monitor says there is no way to avoid Hamas now:


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