Posted by: Lister | February 4, 2008

Palestinians and Egyptians clash

One Palestinian killed:

One Palestinian was killed in an exchange of fire on Monday between masked Palestinian gunmen and Egyptian forces at Gaza’s border with Egypt, Palestinian medical officials said.

The officials identified the dead Palestinian as a civilian and said another four Palestinians were wounded in the clash. Two Egyptian police officers were also wounded.

The gunfire erupted at the Gaza-Egypt border on Monday, following stone-throwing clashes between Egyptian border guards and Palestinians.

The tensions began when the Egyptian guards sealed the border hermetically Monday, not even allowing Egyptians and Gazans who had found themselves on the wrong side of the border to return home.

At some point, dozens of teens threw stones at an Egyptian command post in the area. Egyptian forces fired tear gas, and medics said 12 people were treated for tear gas inhalation.

Eventually, gunfire erupted, but the source of the shooting was not immediately clear.

Egypt wants Abbas and Hamas to both control the border. With the EU. And cherries on top.

The BBC says Egypt responded to stones with live fire:

As anger grew during the day on Monday, youths threw stones at an Egyptian command post in the area. Egyptian forces responded with tear gas, and then with live fire.

Palestinian gunmen returned the fire, but it is not clear if the gunmen were from Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip.


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