Posted by: Lister | February 16, 2008

Did Britain try to resist Saudi pressure?

Saudi Arabia threatened to stop sharing intelligence on terrorist matters unless Britain ended an investigation into allegations of corruption — where Prince Bandar is alleged to have recieved a billion pounds for his services in brokering an arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Britain powerless in face of Saudi threats, court told:

The British government was powerless to resist the Saudi threats that forced it to close down the BAE corruption investigation, its lawyers insisted in the high court yesterday.

The claim met with scepticism from Lord Justice Moses, who is trying the case along with Mr Justice Sullivan. He pointed out that the government had apparently made no attempt to resist such “unlawful” Saudi threats or to deter their behaviour.

[…] Moses said: “What you are saying is that the law is powerless to protect our own sovereignty – the law cannot be deployed as a weapon to protect the sovereignty of this country.”


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