Posted by: Lister | February 18, 2008

Homeophathy Questions

DRBUZZ0 at JREF (or Depleted Cranium) sent a letter to the makers of a homeopathic remedy:

I had a few questions about your product so I am hoping you can clarify some apparent paradoxes. The product in question is “Nelson’s Natural Sleep Aid.”

Since your product is diluted to improve it’s potency, is it necessary that I continue to buy your product for each use or can I dilute it more myself and therefore have an infinite supply from one tablet?

[…] Is there any danger of diluting it too much? I do not want to make the preparation so strong that I could overdose.

[…] If I take half a tablet will it work twice as well?

What if I feel I do not need the full dose and I would like to moderate it? Should I take two?

On the other hand… if the principal of homeopathy is that “Like cures like” or in another manner of speaking “causes the opposite effect when diluted” will further diluting your preparation cause it to do the opposite? Your preparation helps people stay asleep, so I’m afraid if I dilute it or if I drink too much water with it will transform from a sleep aid into an alertness aid!

[…] Best Regards,

Steve Packard


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