Posted by: Lister | February 24, 2008

ICAHD volunteers rebuild Bedouin Bridge

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions:

The bridge had been destroyed by the IDF as part of the Israeli government’s policy of ‘encouraging’ the Bedouin to evacuate the South Hebron Hills area, which is close to the separation barrier and the checkpoint exiting the West Bank to Be’er Sheva.

[…] When ICAHD rebuilt the demolished home of a Bedouin family in Ramadin in December 2007, the project team discovered a destroyed bridge at a polluted stream near the family’s compound.

[…] ICAHD decided to rebuild of the bridge with Israeli volunteers as part of the organization’s ongoing civil disobedience and resistance activities. These activities are designed to expose the realities of the Occupation to the Israeli and international publics, and help to build solidarity with Palestinian farmers and villagers. ICAHD-USA provided donated funds for the reconstruction of the bridge and the project was managed by the Constructing Peace team which has rebuilt over 100 homes in the West Bank and the Negev during the past nine months. All the construction projects are coordinated only with local Palestinians and no permits are applied for from the Israeli ‘civil administration’ of the West Bank.



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