Posted by: Lister | March 29, 2008

Spot the difference

DIA publication confuses Iran with Iraq:

A Defense Intelligence Agency publication available as recently as yesterday on its Web site noted “an Israeli F-16 raid to destroy an Iranian nuclear reactor” in 1981.

Just one problem: publicly-known history includes no Israeli raid on an Iranian nuclear reactor in 1981. Israel did attack an Iraqi facility at Osirak that year, however.

“I cannot exclude, of course, that the DIA detected an operation which no one else knows of to this day,” wrote the man who apparently caught the error, Israeli historian Gideon Remez, in an e-mail to DIA March 24.

However, “today’s preoccupation with Iran’s nuclear program seems to have been projected onto the events of 27 years ago,” Remez noted dryly.

The publication in question was a history of DIA produced in 1996. It was available on the DIA Web site until yesterday, according to Secrecy News, a Washington publication which first reported the DIA’s error.

Since 1996!
That’s 1996. I hope very few people read those things. The alternative is very sad.


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