Posted by: Lister | June 4, 2008

Colette Avital Vs Hagee

Avital is an member of Israel’s Knesset. She critcises the acceptance of Hagee’s support:

The support of American evangelicals does not receive the necessary attention in Israel.

[…] Hagee is the founder of the Christians United for Israel lobby, and as such received the blessing of the Jewish lobby AIPAC during its annual conference last year. Hitler and the Holocaust, Hagee argues, were part of a divine plan to expel Jews from Europe and bring them to the Land of Israel. It was written about and prophesized in the Bible, Hagee says. How will God restore Jews to their homeland? asks Hagee. The answer: “through fishermen and hunters. A hunter is the one who comes with a gun and forces you; Hitler was a hunter.”

As someone familiar with the evangelicals’ views and beliefs on the second coming of Jesus, there is nothing surprising to me about his statements. […] Do we still need to point out that Jesus can return only after Armageddon, and to this end it is best if Israel continues to be at war?

[…] Hagee’s evangelicals reject the two-state solution, which is currently acceptable for the vast majority of the Israeli public; as such, Hagee’s followers direct their funding and assistance toward a clear political agenda in Israel.

(Via JSF).


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