Posted by: Lister | September 4, 2008

Saed Mosleh

Saed Mosleh is the teenager who left Gaza aboard the boats that successfully ran the Israeli bloackade.


“I am very happy to be in Cyprus. I feel overwhelmed and overjoyed,” said Saed Mosleh, 16, who lost his leg to an Israeli tank shell, as he was lifted from one of the boats in a wheelchair.

[…] “I want an artificial leg so I can walk again like other kids,” Saed said.

[…] Saed lost his left leg after an Israeli tank shell exploded 20 metres (yards) from him while he was helping his father water trees in northern Gaza.

Due to a lack of immediate expert medical care his leg became infected with gangrene and was eventually amputated from the hip while Saed lay in a coma for three months, said his father Khaled.

The only artificial legs available to him in Gaza fit below the knee.

“I’m extremely grateful to Cyprus for receiving us and to those who helped my son get out,” said Khaled Mosleh.

Maha Darwish, and her four sons, were the other five Gazans helped out by the Free Gaza campaign.


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