Posted by: Lister | September 12, 2008


Before I get to some serious work…. DragonRock at JREF brought this to my attention: Ten Things To Know about procrastination.

I would consider myself a procrastinator, but not chronic. I don’t miss deadlines. But I used to start work when it was possible to start it. Now I wait so that I finish it on time. I do find that a little exciting. (That’s their point 8).

I blame homework from school for the change, because that’s around when the change happened. I wouldn’t say it’s rebellion to authority so much as laziness.

Would I prefer a day off today, and start work tomorrow? Or finish the work today and have a day off tomorrow? I tend to choose having a day off today, though having the day off tomorrow would be more sensible.

Maybe I should put off having a day off….


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