Posted by: Lister | September 15, 2008

Olmert Condemns Pogrom

Olmert used the word in reference to revenge attacks conducted by settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank. BBC:

Mr Olmert, who is about to step down, called the attack by about 100 settlers on Asira al-Qabaliya “intolerable”.

It was filmed by human rights groups and came after an intruder stabbed and wounded a child at Yitzhar settlement.

But police have not arrested any of the settlers who were filmed. Four people suffered gunshot wounds in the attack.

[…] A committee of pro-settlement rabbis praised the “courage and heroism” of the Yitzhar settlers, saying their reaction was in accordance with Jewish law, the Haaretz newspaper reported.

Haaretz has a more detailed quote of Olmert:

Channel 10 aired footage on Sunday that showed West Bank settlers rampaging through a Palestinian village on the previous day.

The footage, obtained from Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, shows Israel Defense Forces soldiers consistently present at the scene of the rampage, during which settlers fired on Palestinian residents, destroyed their property and spray-painted Stars of David on homes.

The settlers were responding Saturday to the stabbing of a 10-year-old Israeli boy by a Palestinian at the illegal outpost of Shalhevet Yam near Yitzhar.

[…] Olmert said “there will not be pogroms against non-Jews in the state of Israel.”

[…] “The phenomenon of [settlers] taking the law into their own hands and lashing out with violence and brutality is unforgivable, and will be dealt with by the law enforcement authorities,” Olmert said.

The prime minister went on to describe the previous day’s events, saying “in northern Samaria there was a terror attack, and a young boy was hurt. This is serious and momentous and the defense forces will find the culprit and do what needs to be done, as they do every day. However, Yitzhar settlers went on a retaliatory rampage against Palestinian residents, using live fire.”

Olmert went on to say that there was no reason to believe that the Palestinians targeted by the settlers had any connection to the stabbing attack earlier in the day.


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