Posted by: Lister | September 22, 2008

Despair of Terrorism

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the independent:

Look around and the evidence punches you in both eyes. Saudi Arabia, Iran and various nations in the Middle East and most “Islamic” states elsewhere are failing entities where the people are either afraid or oppressing others. I, a Muslim who fights daily against the unjust treatment of Muslims in the West, have to face the blinding truth that although we have serious external enemies, more Muslims are hurt, wounded, killed and denied by other Muslims who feel themselves to be virtuous.

Lest our detractors rub their hands with satisfaction, I tell them loud and clear, this is not exoneration of Guantanamo Bay, the destruction of Iraq, Belmarsh, Israel’s criminal treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, the fascists in Cologne who tried this week to run an anti-Islam rally, the viciously anti-Muslim BNP and the many ways Europe humiliates us Muslims.

But I am saying that Muslims enthusiastically participate in “rendition”, torture co-religionists in prisons, bomb fellow-worshippers from Iraq to Pakistan and beyond, subjugate their women, cut off hands and necks, keep their young cowering or brainwash them to the point when they are unfit to inhabit this century. If we respect and care for our own so little why should the rest of the world give a damn?

One of the commentators suggests an article titled: Defending The Transgressed By Censuring The Reckless Against The Killing Of Civilians, by Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti. The title isn’t the only thing which is long-winded.

Brown was writing in response to the recent bombing in Islamabad. Anti-war has a summary — including what could be the beginning of a conspiracy theory.



  1. Some of what I called a conspiracy theory might be correct. Two US service men were killed in the blast. But not marines.

    Airforce times:

    Air Force Maj. Rodolfo I. Rodriquez died Sept. 20 in Islamabad, Pakistan from injuries sustained in an improvised explosive device attack, according to the Defense Department.

    […] The blast killed the Czech Ambassador to Pakistan. A handful of news outlets are reporting that up to 30 Marines who allegedly recently stayed in the hotel were the target. The Corps declined to comment on whether Marines stayed on the hotel.

    Marine Corps Times counted at least a dozen news agencies from the Middle East, Asia and Europe that had reported on two dead Marines on Monday.

    Redding said internal checks by the Corps indicate no Marine Corps security detachment personnel were injured or killed in the bombing. The Corps would not discuss if Marines were recently at the hotel.

    There’s a discussion on what terrorism is at JREF. I still think this counts as terrorism. I consider bombing towns and cities to be terrorism, also.

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