Posted by: Lister | September 24, 2008

Tale-Bearing Moser

That is how Rabbi Yisrael Rozen describes Peace Now activists. The meaning is “informer”. He doesn’t like that Peace Now went crying to the world that settlements where being built on private Palestinian land (Feb 2008):

More than one-third of West Bank settlements were built on private Palestinian land that was temporarily seized by military order for “security purposes,” according to a report by the Civil Administration that is being published here for the first time.

[…] The defense establishment has consistently refused to publish this information, and a month ago, the Defense Ministry told a court that its publication would “damage the state’s security and foreign relations.” Peace Now, which discovered the data, said it proves that most of the settlements are illegal even under Israeli law, and termed the attempt to hide the information a “blow to democracy.”

[…] A legal source said the very fact that so many settlements were built in this way will make it hard for the state to convince the High Court of Justice that “military necessity” justifies keeping them in existence rather than returning the land to its Palestinian owners.

Rabbi Rozen was not appreciative of Peace Now’s work. He says, possibly about matters concerning another settlement:

“Such tale-bearing is known in Hebrew as ‘moser’ (informer)… Individuals who have sunk to this lowest level of behavior were despised and shunned (in Jewish tradition). They are considered worse than heretics or apostates,”

Rozen wrote that, according to halacha (Jewish law) the punishment of such tale-bearing was death.

[…] However, he immediately followed this statement with a warning against taking the law into one’s own hands, stating that “the trial of capital offenses is the office of the court and it is not the duty of individuals to implement this particular halacha.”

In his article, the rabbi addresses a recently drafted arrangement between the Yesha Council and the Defense Ministry, which allows for the eviction of the controversial Magron settlement in exchange for resettlement of the community in another region.

[…] Rozen claims that the Palestinians who technically own the land in question had no idea that this was the case, but that Peace Now researched the matter and informed them. By doing so, Rozen claims, Peace Now used them “as a handle in war between left and right, between the Jews.”

“This kind of tale-bearing, to the court or to the European Union and wealthy non-governmental foundations across the world, is called ‘moser’,” he said.

Peace Now intends to file charges.



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