Posted by: Lister | September 26, 2008

Professor Ze’ev Sternhell

Sternhell has been lightly wounded in a pipe-bomb attack. Ynet:

Prominent Israeli historian Professor Ze’ev Sternhell was lightly wounded in the early hours of the morning on Thursday after a pipe bomb went off outside his front door on Shai Agnon St. in Jerusalem. The explosion occurred as Sternhell was locking the outer gate of his home at around 1:00 am, he sustained minor injuries to his legs and was evacuated to the Shaare Zedek Hospital for treatment. Police were alerted to the scene.

[…] For some time Sternhell had been receiving threats over the telephone that were reported as being ideologically motivated.

[…] Fliers were found in the streets near Sternhell’s home promising a reward of 1.1 million shekels to anyone who kills a member of Peace Now. ‘The time has come for a halachic state in Judea and Samaria! The time has come for the Kingdom of Judea!’ called the fliers.

[…] Meretz chairman, MK Haim Oron, wished Sternhell a speedy recovery and added: “This thuggish, dangerous act is the result of closing our eyes to the violence against soldiers, police officers and all those who disagree with the thugs of the extremist Right.”

[…] The National Jewish Front organization declined to criticize the attack. “We’re not connected to the incident and do not operate that way, but having said that, we will not condemn it. Sternhell legitimized attacks against settlers,” the group said.

I recently blogged about a comment made last month by Rabbi Yisrael Rozen, which reffered to Peace Now as “tale-bearing mosers” deserving of death — with a “leave that to that to the state” disclaimer.

Haaretz ask why the attack happened now:

This attack returns us to darker days: From the early 1980s through the mid-1990s, right-wing attacks on leftists were more frequent. The worrisome question – beyond the identity of the attackers, which will apparently soon be clear – is why now.

The pamphlets found outside Sternhell’s home link the attack to his activities in Peace Now and threaten the movement’s leaders. But Peace Now, in its 2008 version, is barely a shadow of its former self.

[…] The security forces’ struggle against violent zealots on the right has suffered in the past from two main problems: restrictions on investigating Israelis (as opposed to the great freedom these forces have in investigating Palestinians), and leniency by the courts. In 2001-02, a Jewish terror group murdered at least seven Palestinians in the West Bank, but no one was prosecuted. The Bat Ayin cell, which placed explosives near Palestinian schools, was arrested, but the murderers who operated on the roads are still at large. The Shin Bet still believes it had the culprits in its interrogation rooms, but their refusal to talk saved them from indictment.



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  2. The flyer is fishy. See my first analysis:

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