Posted by: Lister | October 1, 2008

Dr Moreau was an Intelligent Designer

I make the point about Dr Moreau because of a debate between Inayat Bunglawala and Harun Yahyain (Adnan Oktar) in July 2008. This comment in particular:

The fossil record should contain strange creatures with organs not fully-developed, with pathological characteristics, with features belonging to many different species. Specimens unearthed from beneath the ground should bear the signs of a strange world like that of the Island of Dr Moreau, and fossils showing that strange creatures like those on the island had once existed should frequently be found.

I found the link via Mojo at JREF. He quotes another of Yahya’s claims about transitional fossils:

The fact is that the living things referred to as transitional forms by evolutionists would have been very odd-looking entities, with limbs protruding from the most unlikely places, with ears where their eyes ought to be, legs protruding from their ears, with fins on one side of their bodies and legs on the other. And there would have been billions of them.

Fredrik nails it in post 13:

It’s kind of funny that everytime a creationist explains what they would consider proof of evolution, they always mention something that would more or less disprove it. (Another example: “a monkey giving birth to a human baby”).


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