Posted by: Lister | October 3, 2008

Karzai and Mullah Omar

Karzai has spent two years asking the Saudis, who recognised the Taliban government before 2001, to help negotiate a peace. Karzai also had this to say to Mullah Omar: (BBC)

President Karzai also says he has made a fresh appeal for the Taleban leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, to join peace negotiations.

“A few days ago I called upon their leader, Mullah Omar, and said ‘My brother, my dear, come back to your homeland, come and work for the peace and good of your people and stop killing your brothers’,” he said.

Pakistans The News quotes Karzai saying:

“Through Pakistan television channel Geo I propose Mulla Umar to get back to Afghanistan as I will be wholly solely responsible for his security and I shall be answerable to the whole of the world on his behalf.”

Reuters (India) says the offer has been turned down:

“We reject an offer for negotiation by the Afghan’s puppet and slave President Hamid Karzai,” Mullah Brother told Reuters by satellite telephone from an undisclosed location.


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