Posted by: Lister | October 10, 2008

Sheriff Tom Dart

Where’s a maverick when you need one? Oh! In Chicago, where the sheriff has called a moratorium on evictions of people from foreclosed homes.

Accredited Home Lenders filed a lawsuit Thursday to get Dart to obey an order that calls for the eviction of Shirley McFarland of Dolton from her foreclosed bungalow.

[…] Meanwhile, Dart met with Cook County Judge Dorothy Kirie Kinnaird, head of the Chancery Division, to discuss his stance on foreclosure evictions.

At that meeting, Dart told Kinnaird that too often his deputies are evicting renters who have not been given notice the property is in foreclosure. The sheriff suggested Kinnaird require banks to file an affidavit saying the homeowner and potential renters all have been given notice of the pending eviction before calling on deputies to evict residents.


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