Posted by: Lister | October 11, 2008

Islam’s latest gambit to take over the world

A doll which delivers an Islamic message:

Some people claim they can hear it mumble “Satan is king” in one track; then clearly speak “Islam is the light” in another.

[…] Thursday afternoon, 2NEWS HD received a statement from Fisher-Price via email, which included an audio file [See linked article] which they identify as the “original sound track” for the doll.

The only scripted word is “mama”. But, hey, maybe the lord works in mysterious ways.

(Via PZ Myers, who has quite a few interesting stories in that post).

Nonny Mouse at snopes has a suggestion for what else the doll might be saying.

What I heard sounded more like, “His mum is delighted.”

It’s a “hear what you want to hear” kind of situation.

Another article has some comments appended, I didn’t have the patience to read them all. Here’s one quoted (or made up) at Snopes:

Rev. Cunningham: As a Christian I can only say that this doll is a serious threat to my religion. A doll like this could easily defeat Christianity and overthrow 2000 years of Christian hegemony. Jesus is NO MATCH for this doll which is obviously much stronger than my faith and my religion AND our Lord GOD almighty. Fellow Christians we have met our match and that is what is so terrifying about this satanic doll.


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