Posted by: Lister | November 18, 2008

Israeli strikes on Gaza

Israel attacked a tunnel in Gaza, which they say was intended for the capture of Israeli soldiers. Reuters (Nov 4th):

Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip killed five gunmen and a ground raid killed a militant on Tuesday, Palestinian medics said, in the first armed clash in Gaza since a ceasefire took hold there in June.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the air strikes, saying missiles were aimed at militants who had fired mortar bombs at Israeli forces operating in another part of the Gaza Strip. Another militant was seriously wounded.

In the earlier raid, Israeli troops killed a gunman and wounded at least two others when the army moved into Gaza to destroy a tunnel built by militants intending to capture Israeli soldiers.

[…] The Hamas gunman who was killed was identified as Mazen Seada, a senior commander in central Gaza. Hamas said he was killed while firing mortar bombs at the Israeli troops.

Hamas said gunmen spotted Israeli troops approaching and fired at them before an unmanned aerial drone launched a rocket into the area. Hamas gunmen then began to fire mortar bombs.

The air strike which followed was aimed at militants who launched mortar bombs at the troops operating some distance away. The spokeswoman said that troops would leave Gaza once they had completed their task to destroy the tunnel.


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