Posted by: Lister | January 8, 2009

UN Suspends aid delivery in Gaza

After one of its truck drivers was killed. The Independent:

“We’ve been co-ordinating with them (Israeli forces) and yet our staff continue to be hit and killed.”

He said the agency arranged the delivery with Israel, and the vehicle was marked with a UN flag and insignia when it was shot in northern Gaza. The Israeli army said it was investigating.

[…] At the same time the Red Cross accused soldiers of a “shocking” disregard for wounded civilians and revealed four small children had been trapped for days beside the bodies of their dead mothers in their home.

[…] The Red Cross accusations came from officials at its HQ in Geneva who said the Israeli army refused them permission to reach a site in the Zaytun district for four days. Ambulances could not get through because the Israeli army had erected large earth barriers to block access.

When rescuers finally got through they “found four small children next to their dead mothers in one of the houses. They were too weak to stand up on their own. One man was also found alive, too weak to stand up,” the Red Cross said. “In all, there were at least 12 corpses lying on mattresses”, it added.


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