Posted by: Lister | January 10, 2009

Jordanian Ambassador


Jordan has recalled its ambassador to Israel in an apparent act of protest against the IDF’s offensive in Gaza, Ynet learned Friday evening.

Ambassador Ali al-Ayed was summoned to Amman by the Jordanian Foreign Ministry and was instructed by the government to remain in the Hashemite Kingdom.

[…] An Arab official told Ynet that Jordan recalled the ambassador as an act of protest, even though it had initially claimed that he was asked to return to Amman over an “internal matter”.

[…] Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994, making it the second Arab state after Egypt to reach such an agreement with the Jewish state.

[…] A diplomatic source told Ynet that Ambassador Ali al-Ayed will return to Tel Aviv only after Hamas and Israel sign a ceasefire agreement to end the fighting.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yossi Levy commented Saturday about the reports of Jordan recalling its ambassador, saying that “Ambassador Ali al-Ayed had left for Amman prior to the launching of Operation Cast Lead, in order to attend a conference held by the Jordanian Foreign Ministry.

“We have learned from the media that he has decided to extend his stay in Jordan and has yet to return to Israel.”

A “yes, it’s happened” type of denial at the end.



  1. The Washington Post: Gaza Strikes Reverberate in Egypt

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